2019 Tour

Friday, July 19

6:30 PM

Concert at First Methodist Church, Selmer TN

Saturday, July 20


Travel day and concert to be announced

Sunday, July 21

9:00 AM

6:00 PM

Worship services at Northside Baptist Church, Muphreesboro TN

Concert at First Baptist Church, Niota, TN

Monday, July 22


Tour the Ark Encounter at Williamstown KY and travel day

Tuesday, July 23


Perform at the Lancaster Barnstormers baseball game

Wednesday, July 24

7:00 PM

Concert at New Holland Community Park, New Holland PA

Thursday, July 24

10:30 AM

  7:00 PM

Concert at Gettysburg National Military Park

Concert at Salem Hellers Evangelical Church, Lancaster PA

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