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  Doug Nielsen 


The son of a Baptist preacher, Doug studied piano for several years and played in church.  He picked up guitar and then bass guitar as a young teenager, playing rock and roll with friends and gospel music with several groups. He attended what would eventually become the University of Central Arkansas on music scholarships while earning bachelor and master degrees in business finance.  He played all styles of music in various settings during and after college, including rock, jazz, big band, stage shows, music theater and Broadway, and did studio work for years.


Doug is very involved in his home church. He is a long-time deacon in his church in Little Rock, Arkansas, and has taught Sunday School, Bible study, teachers meetings and conferences, retreats, lay revivals, and religion courses for Ouachita Baptist University. 

He has been involved in church music all of his life and has played bass in his local church orchestra for the past 40 years. He is active in many music-related church activities, ministries and organizations around the world and is a founding member of Jubilation Jazz.

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