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   Jeff Adlon   
  Trumpet - Composer - Arranger  


Jeff Adlon was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and started playing trumpet in the 4th grade.  At that young age he knew that he wanted to this for the rest of his life.  Upon graduation from high school he enlisted in the US Navy as a musician and spent the next 21 years fulfilling his dream of playing trumpet around the world and through the continental United States while stationed with Navy bands.  During this time he attended advanced schooling for musicians where he studied arranging.


Following his retirement from the armed services, Jeff became a computer programmer and analyst.  He has kept playing trumpet and in addition to being a member of Jubilation Jazz, he performs with the Memphis Wind Symphony, a local concert band in Memphis and is active in the music ministry at his church.  Jeff keeps busy by writing and composing music for all the groups he performs with.


While in high school Jeff recognized his heart was in using the talents he has to honor and glorify God and Jubilation Jazz offers a perfect outlet for his calling.

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